Ratfolk Magical Herbalist


Concept Feral Herbalist


Race Desert Ratfolk
Refresh ?
Advancement +0

Approach Capabilities
+1 Careful +0 Combative
+2 Clever +1 Roguish
+0 Flashy +0 Focused
+0 Forceful +1 Arcane
+1 Quick +0 Divine
+0 Sneaky +2 Primal

Stress (1) (2) (3)
Mild (2)
Moderate (4)
Severe (6)

Prepared Caster (Primal Herbalism): Because of my studies as a classically trained Alchemist, given time and opportunity I may ‘prepare’ a number of potions, elixirs, salves and similar ‘concoctions’ equal to ((Careful + Clever + Arcane) * Primal). Unused concoctions remain until they get activated or destroyed and can be stockpiled. These Aspects are portable; I may give them to others and they can be taken away from me.

To prepare a concoction I roll 4dF and add (Arcane + Primal) against a Mediocre (+0) difficulty; failure indicates a botched concoction and that ‘slot’ is wasted for the day.I temporarily gain a new personal Aspect corresponding to the concoction I prepared with one invoke, and annotated with the margin of success.

Prepared concoctions are activated by invoking its Aspect as an action and resolving the effect of the concoction using the previously rolled margin of success. It is possible for a concoction resolution to fail if the margin of success is insufficient to the difficulty or if opposed successfully. If I am the activator, I can spend a Fate point at this time to add +2 shifts to the margin of success.

Unfortunately due to my focus on Alchemy, I cannot free cast spells.

At my current level of arcane skill, I can have up to eight (8) alchemical concoctions prepared.

Prepared Concoctions: Sticky Bomb, Acid Bomb, Acidic Trap-buster, Restorative, Healing



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